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Smart Controls for Swimming Pools

If you love the idea of an automated swimming pool powered by smart controls then Minerva can help!

Smart Controls for Swimming Pools

Join the Fast-growing Automation Trend

Home automation is a fast-growing trend, with more users signing up for smart controls every day. Rather than leaving smart controls for everything that is inside your home, why not invest in them for your pool too? Find out more about how you can use smart controls with your swimming pool and simplify your life!

What are Smart Controls?

What are Smart Controls?

Smart controls or home automation is a system in which you connect items to a Wi-Fi system in order to operate them from a distance. Automation has become a hugely popular trend with homeowners as it gives you the ability to set up or turn in times before you arrive home, making them ready to use as soon as you set foot in the door.

Most automation systems have been designed to be operated through your smart device and some even allow you to power things up through your voice-powered smart devices such as Alexa, Google or Apple. If you love the idea of bringing your pool in line with the rest of your property then pool smart controls are here to help in a range of exciting ways!

How Can I Automate My Pool?

The good news is that the majority of your pool components can be automated and accessed through your automation software. Some of the most popular automation options include:

  • Lights – turning your lights on and off or choosing the colour and intensity of your lights can all be controlled. You can even set up your own special light show when you are hosting a pool party!
  • Pumps – from controlling when your pumps are turned on and off, to controlling the speed and force of the water flow, you can personalise your pool to suit the users’ needs.
  • Temperature – if you are planning a dip when you wake up or after work then why not set the pool temperature to suit your mood and the weather!
  • Chlorine – you can even monitor the levels of salt in your pool and check that your chlorine is at the appropriate level too.
  • Special Features – whether you want to turn the hot tub jets on or set your fountain or waterfall features to run, this can all be automated, allowing you the simplest operation every time.

Whiles these are some of the most popular ways to automate your pool, they are not the only ones. Plus, as technology continues to evolve, you can look forward to growing the level of automation to suit your budget and your lifestyle.

How Can I Automate My Pool?
Finding the Right Automation System

Finding the Right Automation System

There are a number of different automation systems designed for swimming pool owners. To find the one that is right for you means detailed research and asking for help from an expert. When you start your smart control search, it is important to think about the features that you want to be able to use to make your life easier. Some of the main requests include:

  • Smartphone integration
  • Simple user experience
  • Intuitive design
  • Control from wherever you are
  • Access to support when required

Let Rowlen Make Your Pool Smart

If you are keen to automate your pool and want the best smart technology installed then it’s time to contact Rowlen. We are swimming pool experts with excellent working knowledge of the latest pool automation systems. Get in touch to discuss the options available and book us in to complete the work – we look forward to supporting you on your journey to automation!

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